One of my goals this summer is to get the kids in the kitchen cooking.  I hope this will lead to them having the ability to cook or at least not be afraid to try.  I also would like to expand their palates. My older son will try anything that doesn’t have lettuce or onions.  My younger son would live on cheese quesadillas if I let him.  Eating fruits and vegetables is not something he does.  He won’t even try them. I really think that once he appreciates cooking I will convince him to select a vegetable, help him prepare it and then have him taste it.  I may be dreaming, but I need to try.

I now have him hooked on making jello molds.  It’s a start.  He made a mold last week and was really  excited to have us eat it.  While we ate it he described how he helped make.  He was proud of his creation and it was yummy.

I found a recipe for a rainbow jello mold.  There are several different recipes on the web.  I chose one on  I changed her recipe a bit, but basically this is it.  Part of him buying into this idea was letting him select the jello colors at the grocery store.  He reads the recipe, sets the timer, and whisks.  The order of the colors was very important to him, so he lined up the jello boxes in order on the counter top.


6 small packages of different jello colors

4 packs Knox unflavored gelatin

1 (14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

I used a bundt pan sprayed with cooking spray.  It made it really pretty.


First layer:  Mix 1 package of any flavor jello with 1 tsp Knox gelatin and 1 cup boiling water.  Cool and pour into pan; refrigerate until set.  30 minutes works.  We set a timer.  Make the next layer (white) while this is chilling.

Second layer: Mix 1 envelope Knox gelatin with 1 cup hot water until dissolved.  Add 1/2 can condensed milk. Once your mold is set pour half of this into the mold.  Do this slowly and just shake the pan to spread it around.  I also pour this over the back of a spoon to slow it down.  Put this in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and make your next color jello following directions for first layer.

Repeat layers until you have used all your colors.  You will need to make another batch of white about half way.  Don’t make it all in the beginning because it will set up on you.

Once I was done I let it set for about 2 hours and unmolded it.  I place the pan in some hot/warm water for 10-20 seconds.  Not too long because it does melt.  Then flipped it over and enjoyed.

It was yummy, sweet and low fat.  I would try this in a sheet pan and cut it into

Again the important part of this is my son is enjoying cooking and being in the kitchen.  Next time he wants to use the same mold and layer green jello, white jello, and strawberry jello with strawberries.  I think maybe I will get him to eat a strawberry.  Oh my this may be working.  Stay tuned.